Re: [web-annotation] Appendices in the vocab document should have been marked informative

@azaroth42, you are right. But that is also a practical reason why the
 context appendix should stay non-normative. If a (programming...) but
 appears in the context file on /ns that needs fixing after the Rec is
 published, then we have the freedom of fixing it, and that is 
essential because it makes software out there working. That also means
 that a discrepancy appears between the context file as appears in the
 document and the 'real' document on /ns. But as everything is 
informative, that is not a real problem. The situation would become 
more touchy if the context appendix were normative; in theory, that 
would imply that one should not change the file on /ns either...

Long philosophical discussion ahead:-) which I think we should avoid. 
Let us keep that informative, in my view...

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Received on Saturday, 24 September 2016 04:57:23 UTC