Re: [web-annotation] Avoid mixed-content error with JSON-LD context in HTTPS

It is fairly common to experience a mixed-content error in Web 
browsers with their default settings. So, while I agree that RDF 
libraries should be smarter on how they handle this (as I've 
mentioned, using a proxy is one way), it is not an edge case in my 
opinion, at least currently.

It is primarily the examples that concern me, and that the publishers 
copying these with the http context could cause issues for https 
clients we could otherwise avoid.

I'd like to suggest that the ns should stay as http, i.e., the URIs 
inside context use http. So, both http and https context URLs should 
use http for the ns. This is so that both will continue to function 
if/when http can be treated as secure. Down the line, publishing with 
https context may no longer be needed and no further changes to the ns
 itself will be required.

A note suggesting that both http and https context should be treated 
equal with the caveat/warning to publishers that if they use http, 
some clients may experience mixed-content errors.

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Received on Thursday, 1 September 2016 15:45:16 UTC