Re: [web-annotation] Processing language for mono-lingual and internationalized resources

Well .. I didn't verify the latest version of the specifications, but,
 at least the older definitions didn't make it clear, why both 
properties are needed. And I feel that this should be made clear in 
the standard.

Probably the difference between _language:en_ and 
_processingLanguage:en-uk_ is the key to clarify the differency 
between the two properties. 

While the definitions and the meaning is quite similar, I do agree 
that a creator of an annotation, or the annotation system itself might
 need to set the processingLanguage:"en-uk", for external resources 
that have language:"en". 
It seems to me that the main difference between these properties is 
that language should be the value set by the owner of the external 
resource (e.g. a meta field in a html page). While the processing 
language is the values that the annotations system needs in order to 
process/represent the annotation. 

I think that in the meanwhile was agreed that language should have the
 same value as the external resource.

I think it will be very usefull for the implementers to be explicitly 
informed tha the processing language contains the value needed for 
correct processing/representation of information within the annotation
 system .     

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Received on Saturday, 29 October 2016 19:44:47 UTC