Re: [web-annotation] Updating vocabulary

@stain @azaroth42 @paolociccarese @BigBlueHat : I do not think I am in
 position of accepting this pull request myself. The PR modifies the 
Makefile for the generation of all the files, including the files Rob,
 Paolo, and Benjamin are editors of, and I cannot judge whether 
everything is fine or not. It may be all right, but this is not my 

Looking at the changes, I have also two comments/questions:

- I may be a github issue, but the PR lists a large number of changes 
which include some changes that have been done elsewhere already on 
the core specification files (eg, my re-write of the status section 
comment on document splitting). It is *probably* all right and it is 
just somehow incorporating earlier changes, but it looks strange to be
 listed there. Should we simply trust github?
- It seems that the right expression have been added to examples in 
the vocab document (or did I misread the diff file?).  But is it only 
done on some selected places? It is not clear to me. I think we should
 avoid not adding too complex things to examples overall.
- Does the pull request include adding binary/java files to the repo? 
The makefile seems to make use of specific java programs. Are we 
allowed to make such copies and put them to a repo without any further

I am o.k. with the other changes overall but, again, I do not think it
 is my role to accept (or not) this PR.

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