Re: [web-annotation] Deref of namespace should go to vocab?

@azaroth42, I am afraid the first option (redirect to the TR document)
 is not really consistent with the license setup. By now we know that 
the vocabularies, ie, the turtle and other serialization files, are 
under a software license, whereas the vocab Recommendation will be 
under the document license. I think it would not really look good if, 
depending on the HTTP preference, one would get documents with 
different licenses. Let us also not forget that content negotiation 
means that you would get, essentially, _the same_ document albeit with
 the possibility of different formats. The Rec includes a number of 
additional facts, examples, maybe restrictions that are not expressed 
in the vocabulary document proper. Bottom line: I do not believe the 
first option is appropriate.

I do not know whether it is possible, with some tools, to produce a 
simple HTML file, that does only includes the vocabulary, 
hopefully/possibly with RDFa so that the RDF vocabulary can be 
extracted by and RDFa tool. If such a tool is around, we should use it
 to produce a simple HTML file. Otherwise there is no HTML version, 
and conneg can be used to choose among Turtle, JSON-LD and, for the 
old-skool users, RDF/XML. The vocabulary file itself should include 
(it may already have it, have not yet checked) a reference to the /TR 
document as a seeAlso or something similar.

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Received on Wednesday, 30 March 2016 07:56:55 UTC