Re: [web-annotation] Resolving http and https namespaces

> On 29 Mar 2016, at 13:54, Shane McCarron <> 
> I actually believe the policy should be that namespace URIs are 
unchanged and unchanging over time.
That is absolutely true. That is why I said that the RDF namespace 
will remain HTTP until the end of times.

We could introduce the policy that newer vocabularies, like OA, would 
be HTTPS, though. But I am not sure I like the duality: some are HTTP 
and others are HTTPS.

As I said, the same applies to the official identifiers of 

> The fact that a URI is redirected or otherwise altered during 
dereferencing is not a problem per se. "namespaces", or "vocabulary 
spaces" as we sometimes call them, are defined by their lexical 
representation for analysis purposes. Or at least they are in all the 
software I have examined personally.

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