Re: [web-annotation] Can I refine a state via a selector?

> On 28 Mar 2016, at 18:20, Paolo Ciccarese <>
> I would be ok with No. 1 but I also have hard time in envisioning 
mainstream use cases for it.
> I was thinking at news websites that now tend to add the newest 
details on top of the article (see and publish always in the 
same page. According to the selector of choice, the new content might 
or might not have an impact on the outcome. However, I still don't see
 if that is fertile ground for No. 1.
> Maybe a situation where the publishing system of a website changed 
after a specific date and old and new content are coexisting?
> @iherman <> any use case you were thinking

Well, the obvious example is if I want to annotate the second page of 
a PDF version of a document as it was on january first. The obvious 
way to do this would be to use a State to retrieve a document dated 
Jan 1, refined by the request of getting a PDF over, say, HTML, and 
the refined by a *Selector* (a FragmentSelector) for the 2nd page 
using the PDF media fragment.

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