Re: [web-annotation] Conformance clause

> Proposed approach: Determine a set of features that are supported by
 the model and protocol. Then for each feature come to consensus 
around whether a client MUST, SHOULD or MAY implement it.
Alternatively, or rather additionally, we may define 1-2 'profiles' of
 Annotations with the features it contains or not. Ie, say, for OA 
Basic this and this feature is a MAY, whereas for OA Full is a MUST.

I would restrict to a small number, otherwise it becomes more 
complicated. I am tempted to try for a choice between MAY and MUST, 
and aim for two, or maximally three profiles.

> For some parts, this is easy ... supporting the core of the 
Annotation MUST be implemented (id, type, hasBody, hasTarget). For 
others it's much less easy ... SHOULD you support CSS Selectors or 
XPath selectors, which for some scenarios are very useful (annotations
 on HTML content) but for others are meaningless (annotations on 
basically everything else).

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Received on Wednesday, 9 March 2016 05:39:37 UTC