Re: [web-annotation] Document annotation service endpoint rel

In the spirit of alignment ... I reached out to the 
community about how they would include this. The wider the 
understanding and implementation of the discovery links, the more use 
and acceptance the WG's work will get.

So while the inclusion of annotationService in vocab is easy, there 
are some options for how to align it with other work.  

SIOC ( has a services module, 
that defines a Service (A Service is web service associated with a 
Site or part of it.) and svcs:has_service (A Service associated with 
this SIOC object.).  The has_service predicate has no defined domain, 
but a comment for rdfs:Resource, so it seems appropriate.  However ...
 I'm not sure if we can and should use it.
If we do, it would be very easy:  `oa:annotationService 
rdfs:subPropertyOf svcs:has_service .`

Schema has `Service` (A service provided by an organization, e.g. 
delivery service, print services, etc.) which is too broad, and 
`ServiceChannel` which is not quite right either (A means for 
accessing a service, e.g. a government office location, web site, or 
phone number.).  In particular, the `ServiceChannel` has a predicate 
`serviceUrl` with range of URL, for where to go to use it.  Atypically
 for, this model seems far too complex.  It would require 
some property chain to get from resource to Service to ServiceChannel 
to serviceUrl :(


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Received on Tuesday, 8 March 2016 18:56:21 UTC