Provenance Model

With the focus on making the model as approachable as possible, I'd like to
propose that we revise the provenance model somewhat.  In particular, while
the distinction between creator and annotator is useful from an academic
perspective, it seems to me to be firmly in the 0.1% of use cases.


* Replace oa:annotatedBy with dcterms:creator  [creator]
* Replace oa:annotatedAt with dcterms:created  [created]

* Replace oa:serializedBy with prov:generatedBy  [generator]
* Replace oa:serializedAt with prov:generated  [generated]


* It's simpler, and doesn't invent new terms unnecessarily.

* It solves Luc's issue with the Prov constraints as the annotator is no
longer a generator of the annotation.

* It also allows us to say that creator and created SHOULD be used with
embedded textual bodies, rather than hand-waving like we currently do.

* It avoids the "serialization" issue of whether the client that created
the annotation is the serializer, or the service that makes it available.
The activity that generates the annotation is clearly the user creating it,
rather than the server serializing a graph into a particular format.



Rob Sanderson
Information Standards Advocate
Digital Library Systems and Services
Stanford, CA 94305

Received on Monday, 28 September 2015 20:54:42 UTC