issues with skos:related and Semantic Tags says to use a blank
node, and skos:related to link to a LOD resource for that concept (e.g.

However, skos:related has strict semantics that makes it ill-suited for this
- it has range skos:Concept, which would infer the LOD resource to be
  However, dbr:Paris is *not* a skos:Concept, it's a dbo:PopulatedPlace (and
a few more classes)
- it is symmetric, which would infer skos:related in the opposite direction
as well.
  So dbr:Paris would point to a bunch of blank nodes, namely the mentions of
Paris in annotations, and I'm not sure we want this.

For this case, why not use the LOD resource as oa:hasBody directly?
This would tack type oa:SemanticTag onto it, but I don't see how this is
worse than tacking skos:Concept and a bunch of skos:related to blank nodes.

Received on Monday, 14 September 2015 08:41:37 UTC