Re: [web-annotation] Make Turtle support optional?

@azaroth42 FWIW I am also an independent developer that has 
participated in W3C WG's.  Im not employed to do so, but I like to 
implement things that solve problems in a practical way.  Normally I 
will just try and choose the tool that will solve use cases in the 
fastest possible way.  My personal preference is turtle right now, 
with JSON LD not far behind.  I dont say this from any academic or 
theoretical standpoint.  Just experience of trial and error.

Linked data is still really new in terms of things implemented, I 
think we're still around the time of geocities in web history.  It can
 be frustrating when hearing things like 'developers will/wont do X 
...' -- when actually we've never really been asked and there's not 
good data to back up or counter act pre conceived notions (normally 
from people that have never even implemented a user table using linked
 data).  I'm very interested in the work of the WG, and would be 
looking to take pieces of it for a system I'm working on.  I'd be 
really happy to use primarily turtle, secondarily JSON LD. 

Just my 2 cents.

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