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W3 Technical Architecture Group review of Web Annotations

From: Benjamin Goering <bengoering@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 01:54:39 -0600
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The TAG had this on their spec-review agenda the other day.


Alex: *slightlyoff *: so this is a social protocol with no identity or spam
provisions if I'm reading this right

Tim: Annotation of third party web servers - people have been requesting it
for decades. Mark Andresen put it into Netscape - an annotation server -
didn't scale well. There has been questions behind it
... which protocol do you use, and how do we set our browsers to the same
annotation service - so finding the annotation server. How do you find it
how do you configure your system to use it? That's been more of a challenge.

Tim BL provides some good use cases
Tim: use cases? e.g. w3c provides an annotation server for each working
group. They publish something on a static web server and publish the
annotation server people can use when they want to annotate that draft. The
discovery of the annotation server in that case comes from the document
itself. In case 2 the TAG is discussing an IETF document we don't have
access to, We decide and share amongst ourselves the URL of the annotation
server to collaborate.

Does anyone implement the protocol?
Alex: current [demo] is integrated. Using hypothiesis annotator. Does this
this use the protocol?
Tim: I think so - I think they are eating their own dogfood.

Alex: Some features I don't see support for in the spec.  Highlighting
sections of the document.

Alex: It looks like people are implementing stuff – I'd like to understand
if they are implementing this specifically. How do the pieces fit together?

Hadley: could we solve this problem by asking editors to include
non-normative comments on authentication and identity.

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