Pundit data crowdsourcing demo at ESWC

Hi all,

Together with the Pundit team (thepund.it) I prepared a demo using the
annotation tool to crowdsource structured data from annotation of online
news and I will present it at the demo session of the ESWC2015 next week.
It is available at http://eswcdemo.gramsciproject.org.

The basic idea is to have users contributing, with their annotations on
online newspapers and web sites in general, to the collaborative building
of an RDF knowledge graph that is then exploited in real time via faceted
browsing interface.
I'm posting this as I think it can be of interest here, being it an
experiment with Pundit and OpenAnnotation "in the wild". But also because I
would love to have more crowdsourced data as possible to showcase at the
conference :)
That is why any contribution in terms of annotations and feedback is more
than welcome: watching the how to videos to get ready to annotate takes 5

Thank you

Received on Saturday, 30 May 2015 12:47:02 UTC