Re: Question about body and motivatedBy

I'm wondering if it makes sense to have *motivatedBy* in this case.

I try to explain:
when you build these semantic statements the predicate itself express the
motivation of the annotation and so I feel like adding the
*motivatedBy* predicate
it's a kind of *redundant information*.

Then when you build annotation that don't have triples in the body it makes
sense to express the motivation.
What do you think about it?


On 29 May 2015 at 10:38, Susanna Netseven <> wrote:

> Hi again,
> we are discussing about the correct interpretation about motivatedBy
> predicate.
> Our Web Annotation model tries to fit both implementation and model
> correctness needs.
> At the moment we use body as a graph, cause we provide a client that
> permits a sort of semantic tagging about the target (that we used to
> identify as *oa:SpecificResource*)
> Our body graph contains triple as:
> <target1> <predicate> <object>
> where <predicate> could be any of those predicates:* cito:cites*,
> *cito:describes*, *cito:repliesTo,* *rdfs:comment*,
> *cito:includesQuotationFrom *and predicates used for
> other purposes for example temporal tagging, spatial tagging, identifying
> target as LOD resource (<target> <identifyAs> <dbpedia:Paris>),
> identifying target as a Class (<target> <dcterms:type> <foaf:Person>).
> We are discussing about a particular motivation that could cover all of
> these (and other)
> cases, and from our point of view the correct one could be *oa:tagging*.
> Because actually we are doing semantic tag about a resource.
> Is that correct?
> Susanna

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