Annotate same text fragment.

Hi, i have a technical question regarding a possible implementation about a
typical use case we are facing.

I annotate a text fragment in html page, for example by commenting a text
fragment with "this is incorrect"
In the RDF model we would  have:

<Annotation-IRI1> <oa:hasTarget> <*Target-IRI1*>

and other target's predicates for selector for text-fragment, source and
scope .

Then, another user wants to annotate the same text fragment.
in this case the correct RDF should be as following?

<Annotation-IRI2> <oa:hasTarget> <*Target-IRI1*>

In this case we don't assume to create a new Target IRI but reuse the first.
Could be this a correct solution?


Received on Thursday, 28 May 2015 16:40:30 UTC