Re: Approaching "we think we're done" for sdo-gozer release aka v2.0: please review

I honestly do not know, I will ask the relevant powers:-)


> On 13 May 2015, at 23:33 , Robert Sanderson <> wrote:
> Regarding previous discussions of using terms, the new release has a stable, versioned snapshot.  I believe that this is what was missing from the W3C normative requirements, but perhaps Ivan can confirm?
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> Rob
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> Date: Wed, May 13, 2015 at 2:28 PM
> Subject: Re: Approaching "we think we're done" for sdo-gozer release aka v2.0: please review
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> Ok, thanks everyone. The sdo-gozer branch has just gone out as a
> " 2.0" release.
> There are certainly a few rough edges here and there, and I hope to
> push out a few more software-only fixes over the next week, but this
> release represents a lot of work from many contributors and
> significant progress. Coupled with the earlier cleanup in our last few
> releases I think it is well worth the '2.0' name. Many thanks to
> everyone who has been part of this!
> The site also now includes a "versioned snapshot" URL structure - e.g.
>    The actual content of the versioned
> release snapshot is generated automatically from a frozen snapshot of
> the canonical RDFS-based triples representation that we use to
> generate the site (available in RDFa and N-Triple RDFS downloads). The
> actual content of the human-oriented document is (as you might
> imagine) rather unwieldy given the size of our schemas, and we can
> certainly work to improve its navigation and layout. But it gives a
> clear URL that can be cited for each new release (and we can back-fill
> it with old releases too). As usual, a detailed list of the schema
> changes in this release is available from
> (the /version/ link is also linked
> from the table entry there).
> The next big thing on our horizon is rolling out the extensions
> mechanism via some specific actual extensions. Most of the
> infrastructure to achieve this (for extensions) is
> included in today's release. However the social and workflow side of
> these extensions needs some attention too. We have a solid draft of
> the bib: extension in
> as well as a number of additional Automotive terms nearby which will
> add even more expressivity around cars and other vehicles. In both
> cases the extension work has its own W3C Community Group:
> needs no introduction, as it
> has been the home to data discussions
> for a long while. They are now joined by
> - the Automotive Ontology CG. This
> seems a healthy structure for vocabulary collaboration at W3C, at
> least as it relates to We have this new Community Group
> for, for various topic-specific groups (who may or may not
> contribute terms into core and extension); and we retain
> the public-vocabs list within the Semantic Web Interest Group
> ( for broader
> conversations about how all these things fit into a wider landscape.
> Administrivia: I've merged sdo-gozer branch into 'master' (the GitHub
> branch we serve the site from). The next release is named sdo-ganymede
> (since the Ghostbusters thing wasn't funny any more). I've flipped the
> default GitHub branch to be ganymede, and pushed a trivial update to
> - this is where we'll start sketching
> out the next release...
> Thanks again all,
> Dan
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