Feedback on i28n in Rangefinder API

Hi, Addison, Richard, I18n–

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(BCCing the Web Annotation WG mailing list, to keep them in the loop)

I'd like to schedule a liaison telcon between the Internationalization 
WG and the Web Annotation WG, to discuss issues around a client-side API 
for searching for strings in a web document.

The Web Annotation WG is chartered to deliver a spec for "fuzzy 
anchoring", which basically means a way to link to a specific passage in 
a document, even if there is no ID and even if the document may have 

One manifestation of this is my Rangefinder API spec [1], which is 
basically a find-in-page API with fuzzy matching (e.g. case folding, 
Levenshtein distance tolerance, Unicode normalization [2]) and location 

For the Unicode normalization, we'd like to refer normatively to the 
updated Charmod-Norm [3]. In any case, we'd like to discuss our use 
cases and requirements around i18n with you, for your best advice on how 
we should proceed.

I spoke with Richard today, and he suggested the best next step would be 
have you take a look at my rough early draft of the Rangefinder API, so 
we have some basis for discussion. Please excuse the sketchy nature of 
the spec, and note that the examples are illustrative but out of date 
with the spec's development.

If you want to meet, would you want to join us, or have some of us join 
you? We normally meet on Wednesdays at 11am ET.



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