Social Web F2F

Hey, folks–

For anyone interested in the server API/protocol deliverables, as you 
know, we want to coordinate closely with the Social Web WG, so we can 
reuse whatever API(s) they come up with, to avoid having to invent our own.

The Social Web WG is having a face-to-face meeting [1] in a few weeks, 
on 17–18 March; I'm sorry for the late notice, but I only just learned 
about this myself.

The meeting will be held at the W3C/MIT offices (or a room nearby), in 
the Stata Center, in Cambridge, MA (the greater Boston area).

At their last telcon, they made a point of inviting anyone from the Web 
Annotation WG who's interested [2].

So, if anyone is able to attend on behalf of the Web Annotation WG, 
please let us know. I may try to attend myself, if I can get the travel 



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