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Rob - can you clarify, "punning" property.  My understanding is that it a punning property is one  whose object can be either a resource or individual.   (An example of a  property whose object can be an individual would be oa:motivatedBy.)     But I thought the resolution was to allow the object of oa:hasBody to be either resource or literal (not individual), thus to allow oa:hasBody to be both an object and a data property.  If I am confused, my apologies, but please clarify.



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> Resolution from 2015-02-18 telcon was to keep the current model from
> FPWD and to update the principles to state that inferencing is not a
> significant design consideration, and thus the punning property is easier than
> two separate properties.  Tagging as defer to facilitate tracking any further
> reasons that might warrant re-opening the issue.
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