Protocol Reference Work: Annotopia

Dear all,
the Annotopia protocol allows for GET/POST/PUT/DELETE of both Annotation
and AnnotationSet.

I believe the most interesting features are related to the GET operation
(see GET
allows to get all the annotations (with pagination) or all the annotations
for a specific target. Notice that search is implemented with other tools.

When performing a GET it is possible to specify if we are interested in the
Annotatins of a full resource or also in those targeting fragments of it.

The GET allows also for selecting target through identifiers. The parameter
tgtIds allows to specify one or more IDs.

Finally the GET allows for ‘target expansion’, where basically I can
retrieve all the annotations for the requested resource and for all the
variants (formats and versions) of that resource. The expansion is computed
through available Identifiers and mapping of the document URLs to such

I'll be happy to provide more info if needed.

Dr. Paolo Ciccarese

Received on Tuesday, 24 February 2015 23:12:42 UTC