Rough Draft of Robust Anchoring: the RangeFinder API

Hi, folks–

After talking about Robust Anchoring with many people over the course of 
the last couple years (!), with encouragement and good criticisms, I've 
refined my notion of what's needed for a client-side API for Robust 

I've drawn up a strawman of my current thinking for an API called 
RangeFinder [1].

It's very rough in places, but I'd appreciate any feedback on the spec 
as it stands. I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts or opinions on it at 
this stage.

I'm not sure it's mature enough for this yet, but at some point, I'd 
like to engage the research and academic communities and the experts 
who've published on text search algorithms, to polish this up and make 
it not quite as embarrassing as it is currently. If anyone knows who we 
should contact in that regard, please chime in. This is a great 
opportunity to leverage all that research in the service of Web 
developers and browsers!



Received on Tuesday, 24 February 2015 18:33:24 UTC