RE: Motivation: Gerund or Infinitive

From: Benjamin Young []<mailto:[]>

> oa:motivatedBy comment

> has potentially different meaning than

> oa:motivatedBy commenting


> The first (to me at least) implies that my annotation was motivated by a prior

> comment

Only if you take “comment” to be a noun, but the proposal is to use the infinitive form (where the "to" part of the infinitive is implied) thus it would always be understood to be a verb.


oa:motivatedBy  "comment"


" motivatedBy   to comment"

Admittedly this doesn't sound as good as if the predicate were (as we thought yesterday) oa:motivation.  in that case it would say:   "motivation: to comment".   Actually I’d like to change to predicate (back) to oa:motivation.


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