Re: Annotation protocol (creating a new annotation)

On Mon, Feb 2, 2015 at 2:40 PM, Denenberg, Ray <> wrote:

> on server     there is resource R:  http:/
> On MY server:
> I create a review of resource R:
> I create an annotation:
> <>   a
> oa:Annotation ;
>                 oa:hasBody                        <
>>  ;
>                 oa:hasTarget                      < http:/
>> .

Yup all good so far!

>   says
> *“3.2.1 Create a New Annotation*
> New Annotations are created by posting the JSON-LD serialization to an
> Annotation Container.”
> Annotation container where?  On  which server,  xyz or ray?   I assume
> “ray” because that’s my server so I know where the annotation container is,
> while I have no idea where the container is on xyz.

This is the note in 3.1.1 about discovery.

LDP does not define any discovery mechanisms at all for containers, just
the notion that if you GET a container, it will tell you that it is one.
This leads to the "body" and "other" container URIs having to be at
pre-defined locations, despite the intended opacity of URIs.

There are various directions that we could take which would be good to
discuss, including:

* Link headers/elements, with a new rel type to point to annotation
services such as in 3.1.1, there given the URI

* .well-known URIs following RFC 5785

* Adding triples to the annotation to reference the containers

* Ruling it out of scope (which I would personally find sad)

* Other suggestions?

>  My question is, how is server xyz made aware of the existence of this
> annotation?   Either I’m missing something, or the document hasn’t gotten
> that far yet.  If it’s the latter, fine, I just want to be sure I’m not
> missing something.

It hasn't gotten that far yet.  That would come under the activity streams
section in 3.4, which I haven't written yet but have some long flights to
work on it this week :)

Hopefully we can avoid inventing anything here, and will take a closer look
at the pingback system that Stian references.


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