RE: [data-model] Proposed Abstract for Web Annotation Data Model Spec

Doug – to elaborate … the first picture in the model is this:


This says unambiguously that an annotation, body, and target, are separate resources.

I realize it says “An annotation is considered to be a set of connected resources, typically including a body and target,”  which is inconsistent with the picture, and I would think one or the other needs to be changed.

If we want an annotation to include the body and target, I would expect a picture like this …


…. Which introduces a new resource type, AnnotationConnector.    I would not object to changing the model as such, but it may be too late in the game.


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> > I know other people who agree with your concept of what an annotation is,


> It's not my concept.  It's what an annotation is.


> I'll let people who are much smarter than I am confirm this.


> Ray

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