Re: Thoughts on WAWG F2F + I Annotate next spring

Hey, Dan, folks–

On 11/13/14 12:46 AM, Dan Whaley wrote:
> All,
> I’d like to bring up a subject that was raised at the F2F in Santa
> Clara, but which others on this list or others at the meeting not in
> the room, may not have heard.  Doug suggested an email would be
> helpful.
> will shortly seek funding from the Sloan foundation
> (which they’ve signaled a willingness to provide) for an I Annotate
> meeting in 2015.  The dates we’ve selected are April 23-24 (+ a hack
> event on the weekend).
> We’ve thrown two of these previously:
> Last year for the 2014 event, we also hosted an adjoining day for the
> OA community group to deliberate on a charter for the WG.  Many of
> those here were in attendance.

Slight correction: this was actually a W3C workshop, not just a meeting 
of the Open Annotation Community Group. There were more stakeholders 
than just the OA folks, and the topic was broader... it encompassed 
topics like an HTTP API, robust anchoring in the browser, and other 
things that were out of scope for the OA CG, but in scope for the 
charter of the Web Annotation WG. :)

> For 2015, we are offering to do the same, in other words, to make the
> venue available the day prior to the event, Wed April 22, to the Web
> Annotation Working Group for a F2F meeting, if there is interest.

I think this is a generous offer, regardless of whether it happens or 
not. Thank you.

I think that not holding a co-located f2f with the main annotation 
conference would be a lost opportunity to engage the wider community.

> The funding from Sloan would cover the cost of the venue, food, and
> also travel for a significant number of participants (usually all, or
> a significant percentage, of the amount for anyone who requests /
> needs it).  Because we’re already throwing the event of course, the
> additional cost is a minimal part of the overall budget.  Also, Sloan
> strongly supports the W3 standards activity and understands its
> significance and relevance to the success of annotation generally,
> which they are already funding in other ways.

And this is even more generous; I hope it helps some folks attend the 
possible f2f who otherwise couldn't because of budget.

> I recognize, and it was discussed, that this means there would be two
> F2F events in a row that would be in the Bay Area, which is of course
> suboptimal.  An option is to consider where the fall F2F might be and
> make sure there is good geographic diversity then.

Thanks for being cognizant of this. I agree it's an issue, but I hope a 
relatively minor one. If we plan the next f2f in another locus of 
annotation activity (either Berlin, Boston, or New York pop into mind, 
based on projects that I know of), that should balance out the "location 

Please remember that next TPAC is in Sapporo, Japan, 26-30 October 2015; 
a good balance for f2fs might be US (SF), Europe, and Japan.

> We’re fine whichever way this goes.  However, as our proposal will
> come together shortly, I need to understand whether we should
> incorporate this extra day into our planning and budget.
> Happy to field questions or reactions here, and suggest we include
> this as an agenda item for next Wednesday’s call to get a resolution,
> either up or down.

Personally, I'm in favor of holding this f2f. I support adding it to the 
agenda for the next telcon, or to simply do a straw poll on the mailing 


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