Web Annotation WG Face-to-Face Meeting at TPAC

Hi, folks–

We will be having our first Web Annotation WG face-to-face (f2f) meeting 
on Tuesday, 28 October 2014, at W3C's TPAC (Technical Plenary and 
Advisory Committee) meeting, in Santa Clara, CA, USA [1].

This is the big W3C meeting where most WGs collaborate with one another.

If you are a member of the Web Annotation WG, we hope that you're able 
to attend. If you are not yet a member of the WG, but are a W3C member 
who is interested, please join the WG before TPAC. (We are still 
discussing how we are handling Invited Experts.)

You can register now on our site [2]. Don't forget to book hotel rooms, 
etc., as well.

For annotations folks that are at TPAC for the whole week, here's a 
schedule that might interest you:
* Monday: observe the Social Web WG (we'll be using some of their 
* Tuesday: attend the Web Annotations WG (with a possible 30-minute 
joint session with WebApps WG to introduce the Robust Anchoring API)
* Wednesday: plenary day
* Thursday–Friday: observe the Digital Publishing Interest Group (also 
of likely interest: Data on the Web Best Practices WG, HTML WG, 
Internationalization WG, SVG WG)

[1] http://www.w3.org/2014/11/TPAC/
[2] https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35125/TPAC2014/?login#wbstuesday


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