WCAG 3.0 comments for 21 January 2021 first public working draft


These comments are from Chris Hansen, Katie Reinarts, Ryan Strunk, Frances Boehnlein and I. We are providing these in our individual capacity and not as employees or representatives of United Health Group.

  1.  How well will this proposal of conformance work in your type of organization and why?

*       The critical error definition fits well with the prioritization approaches we have used during our work at multiple organizations.
*       We like the functional categories a lot.
*       We recommend using data about the current WCAG conformance status of most websites, mobile applications etc. globally to determine the conformance levels and expectations. The bronze level, and perhaps silver as well, should be set at an attainable level compared to the current status of most websites and apps. If all the levels are set too high, the goals seem unattainable and organizations would be less likely to engage with the new conformance process, especially if it is not legally required. If the levels are set too low, they will not drive progress. Global WCAG conformance data could be reviewed on a regular cadence and the bronze, silver, gold etc. levels could be adjusted accordingly.

  1.  Are there usability improvements that would make WCAG 3 easier to use and find information? Is the structuring of the How-To, outcomes, and methods clear? Are there improvements to structure and style that you would like to see? Is there another way we can make content more usable?

  *   If it has not already been done, we recommend the W3C work with a UX designer, corporate training expert and/or accessibility consulting company to do user research and figure out the best ways to communicate WCAG content and standards to broad audiences. Other formats, such as audio, video, interactive trainings etc. would be great.  It is important for anyone to be able to easily understand WCAG from the W3C directly. This is especially important for organizations with very limited resources, time, teams etc. to invest in understanding WCAG.

Sudha Rajan

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