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Presumable errata in WCAG 2.1, 4

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Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2019 00:40:54 +0300
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5.4 Statement of Partial Conformance - Third Party Content
1. A determination of conformance can be made based on best knowledge. If a 
page of this type is monitored and repaired (non-conforming content is 
removed or brought into conformance) within two business days, then a 
determination or claim of conformance can be made since, except for errors 
in externally contributed content which are corrected or removed when 
encountered, the page conforms. No conformance claim can be made if it is 
not possible to monitor or correct non-conforming content;

There is probably an misspelling and ‘determination of’ should be used 
instead of ‘determination or’ (claim of conformance).

Otherwise, I missed the concept of ‘determination’ within the context. In 
other words, I see two options:
- make Claim of Conformance (described and strictly formalized in Section 
- make some ‘determination’ which wasn’t formalized somehow and even not 
described but concerned as equal to Claim of Conformance...


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