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CFC: Sharing 5 rules with the ACT Task Force

From: Wilco Fiers <wilco.fiers@deque.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2019 11:27:52 +0200
Message-ID: <CAHVyjGNtDvd6n+4MLFNhrrXTER=xEXGqmWvhrsDdtNnCANQciw@mail.gmail.com>
To: ACT Rules CG <public-act-r@w3.org>
Hey everyone,

Special thank you to Deque Systems, Level Access, Siteimprove, and
University of Lisbon for providing their implementation data for these

We finally did it! As of last Thursday, there are 5 ACT rules in the ACT-R
community group that have met the 3 required implementations needed for
sharing the rules with the W3C. The goal, as I hope you're all aware, is
not just to have ACT rules live on the ACT-R website until the end of time,
but to share those rules we think are sufficiently agreed upon with the
W3C, so that they can look them over and publish them as part of the
official WCAG documentation.

The first five rules that have met this requirement are the following:

- HTML Page has a title (https://act-rules.github.io/rules/2779a5)
- Buttons have an accessible name (https://act-rules.github.io/rules/97a4e1)
- HTML has lang attribute (https://act-rules.github.io/rules/b5c3f8)
- Validity of HTML Lang attribute (https://act-rules.github.io/rules/bf051a)
- HTML lang and xml:lang match (https://act-rules.github.io/rules/5b7ae0)

This "call for consensus" (CFC) is to ask if you have any objection to the
ACT Rules Community to share these rules with the W3C and ask them to
publish them as part of the WCAG resources. This CFC ends on Sunday the 4th
of August 2019.

One important thing to consider is that there are still open issues that
may require further changes to these rules. Given the dynamic nature of
rule writing, this will likely always be the case. As these rules change,
we will share the changes with the W3C as well. As part of this CFC, please
consider if any of the open issues should prevent us from sharing these

Kind regards,

*Wilco Fiers*
Axe product owner - Co-facilitator WCAG-ACT - Chair ACT-R / Auto-WCAG

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