Invitation: Accessibility at the Edge Community Group Weekly Meeting @ Mon Jul 10, 2023 8pm - 9pm (IDT) (

Accessibility at the Edge Community Group Weekly Meeting
Monday Jul 10, 2023 ⋅ 8pm – 9pm
Israel Time


We lead with updates from the National Federation of the Blind Convention,  
and next steps towards publication of the capabilities report. AgendaPlease  
find below the agenda for our upcoming weekly teleconference for the  
Accessibility at the Edge Community Group. Progress updatesWelcome &  
Announcements (CEPC and IRC) to newcomersContinuing progress on inventory  
of overlay capabilities,  capabilities.htmlAbout UsWeekly teleconference  
for the Accessibility at the Edge Community Group, whose mission is to  
examine improvements to internet accessibility via "edge computing", a  
relatively new paradigm that focuses on performing tasks at the edge of the  
network. We plan to cover all relevant topics including overlays and  
prospective applications not yet implemented anywhere. A11Y-EDGE CG  
meetings work and operate under the W3C Code of Ethics and Professional  
LINK: passcode is four  
numerals, which are two, one, one, and finally the numeral nine.To join the  
audio conference only: US Toll Number: +1 929 205 6099 or +1 669 900  
6833Meeting ID: 84665535534Mobile Auto  
#a11yedgeIf you wish to be removed from this invitation, send an email  
to or 


Guests - organizer
Guilherme Ranieri
Daniela Kubesch
Gregorio Pellegrino - Fondazione LIA
Chiara De Martin
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