TPAC 2022 Minutes, Recording

Hi all,

The blog post is up for our first meeting! See

For your convenience, pasting its text below:

Thanks to everyone who joined our well attended breakout session at TPAC
2022. About 75 people in total attended this inaugural meeting to discuss
accessibility at the edge, accessibility overlays, and more. Our goal was
to let people be heard, and we did pretty well: some fifteen people had a
chance to speak as you can see in the minutes, here

We are sorry that time didn’t allow everyone to fully express their
opinions and concerns, but expect an email survey on teleconference date
and times soon for our next meeting. Here are some highlights:

A video recording is available here, The video has automatically
generated captions, as well as subtitled captions.

Minutes of the meeting are here,

- Lionel

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