Last call: Permissions workshop report


This would be an excellent time to review the draft permissions workshop 
report, correct any errors, and fill in sections that are incomplete.  I 
hope to call it done by late next week, so having your comments within 
the next seven days would be helpful.

There are still some sessions for which I would like to have succinct 
summaries (v. w3c-style minutes) for the permissions workshop report:

One of the opening presenations:
* New approaches to Permission Management; Egelman and McDonald

And five of the breakouts:
* API Designs & Consistency
* Vocabularies
* Consent Requirements
* Storage Access
* Dangers in OAUTH Innovation

Many thanks to Ted Drake for helping to fill in several of the other 

-- Sam Weiler

On 4/2/19 11:56 AM, Samuel Weiler wrote:
> Colleagues,
> I have started a report for the permissions w/s.
> While we have excellent w3c-style minutes, we do not have succinct 
> summaries for all of the sessions, and I would appreciate your help.
> Here is the (hopefully easy) ask: please look through your own workshop 
> notes and contribute.
> If you are inspired, dig through the workshop minutes and contribute.
> I am NOT wedded to this format.  Feel free to move things around.  The 
> things I have included so far are the highlights for me.  It is likely 
> other things stood out to you.  Add the highlights.  (I'm happy to not 
> report on breakouts where there wasn't any noteworthy takeaway - let's 
> not add fluff when there's nothing to say. )
> -- Sam Weiler

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