Anyone want to take over the mailing list?

From your friendly LIst Administrator, Rohit Khare:

Well, I for one would be thrilled if someone else in the TLS community
would like to take over the list. I initially volunteered the W3C's
resources when I was the Web security contact point. As this list has grown
and as W3C's web security interest has gravitated towards digital
signatures, our resources for maintaining this list have dwindled. In fact,
since I am no longer the security contact for the organization, I have only
done minor emergency cleaning of the list (as with the flood of UNLIST
messages this weekend). 

If there is someone more enthusiastic and better equipped, we can consider
a handoff arrangement. Otherwise, it will be a few more weeks before W3C
completes its 'mailing list cleanup' project to find more resources for


PS. No, I don't know any easy way to make smartlist filter these messages

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From: plipp <>
To: Marc Horowitz <>; Mike Bobbitt <>
Subject: Antw: Re: UNLIST
Date: Tuesday, February 11, 1997 11:26 AM

>I don't want any more.

Agreed. I think somebody should improve the listserv-programs
to kick unsubscribe messages - they should not be hard to identify
and they occur on any list weekly at least.


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