Re: NULL_ ciphersuite meets ftps

David.Brownell@Eng.Sun.COM (David Brownell - JavaSoft) writes:

>> >    I don't see how this can be accused of holding anything up, as the
>> > draft (cat-ftpsec) is already written and awaiting eager developers.
>> Similarly, draft-murray-auth-ftp-ssl-00.txt is already written etc.
>> Speaking as a potential implementor, the approach in the ftp-ssl draft
>> gets my vote on time to market and on how readily it can be implemented
>> correctly and interoperably.

ftpsec-09 current has four organizations (that I know of, there are
probably mode) implementing using kerberos or gssapi.  Three of these
implementations are independent.  With a few exceptions which recent
version of the draft address, they interoperate.  I will admit that I
have not read the murray draft, but it seems poor to ignore an
existing, implemented propsal.


Received on Monday, 10 February 1997 15:05:28 UTC