Re: Shared Secret Authentication

At 09:19 AM 2/7/97 -0500, David P. Kemp wrote:
>> From: "David P. Jablon" <>

>The TLS working group also expressed concern about using patented
>compression technology from Hi-Fn (Stac), although it may be possible
>to implement the proposed compression method in a non-infringing way.

As I recall, the concerns expressed related to the history of first getting
the Hi/fn compression used in the PPP environment. Those concerns, if you
recall from the meeting, were addressed directly (by me, the presenter).
Like the PPP environment, the group can choose to implement whatever
compression it likes. There are more than 10 compression options available
for PPP, some of which are not even publically defined (proprietary/trade
secret to the vendor). Since TLS has the negotiation capabilities to choose
a compression method (as does PPP), any number of compression methods can
be supported. Our goal is not to force the group to choose a single method,
but to simply propose one. The hooks for compression have been present for
some time, but none of the visible SSL implementors appeared to have put
them to use.

For those interested in getting a copy of our 2-page no-cost license
agreement, feel free to contact me.

Bob Monsour

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