Re: TWO WEEK LAST CALL: Regularizing Port Numbers for SSL.

Oh, yeah, real sacred.  There's a port for DOOM, there's ports for
Lucasfilm, there's many ports for IBM, there's many undocumented but
allocated ports.  No offense to those companies, but DOOM?  Really!

[I wholeheartedly agree that a long term solution other than port
consumption is appropriate.]

At 01:38 PM 2/5/97 -0700, you wrote:
>On Tue, 4 Feb 1997 18:39:36 -0800, Christopher Allen  
><> wrote:
>> I was avoiding adding too many new ports without developer commitment to
>> support them. If we give the IANA a huge number of port requests they are
>> going to punt and say "solve the problem by using one port" which is not a
>> completely unreasonable request, but we are looking for a short term
>> solution.
>Even if we have developer committment, heck, ports below 1024 are sacred
>a scarce resource.  We need to find a way to solve the problem by using one  
>port NOW.  Has anyone done any work on reducing this tremendous waste of  
>Why can't both service live on one port?  That's what we should be working
>rather than a quick and ugly fix by simply registering all those port
>This current schema of allocating SSL alter-egos for existing services does  
>not scale.
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