Updated SSL-Talk FAQ 1.0.2 Now Available!

The SSL-Talk FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) has been updated to version
1.0.2 (December 6th, 1996).

The full HTML version is available at

The text version is available at
<http://www.consensus.com/security/ssl-talk-faq.txt> or

New questions and answers:

1.8) May I post commercial announcements regarding SSL products?

4.10) What is the difference betwen SSL 2.0 and 3.0?

5.10) What are Attribute Certificates?

7.2.14) When I call SSLRead(), according to the docs, on returning, the
 length argument should be replaced with the number of bytes actually read. In
 practice, this doesn't seem to be happening. What am I doing wrong?

7.2.15) If session cache is stored in a database, can multiple Unix
 processes share the same session data?

Significant changes to:

1.1) What is the SSL-Talk List?

2.1) What is the current version of the SSL protocol?

3.5) Do you have any information on sftp?

4.5) What is TLS? What happened at these meetings? Has anything come
 out of them yet?

5.7) What other CAs exist besides VeriSign?

Updated URLs, additional URLs updates, and minor text updates throughout
the document.

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