Presentations for TLS Meeting

At 6:44 AM -0800 12/2/96, Win Treese wrote:
>Monday, 9 December, 1530-1730
>1645-1725 Quick presentations on possible future work
>	(including shared secrets, Kerberos, IPSEC key
>	management, etc., may include others to be
>	determined)
>1725-1730 Wrapup and next steps

We have a tight schedule for "quick topics" at Monday's TLS meeting and I'm
trying to pin details down so that I can squeeze a little more time in.
Currently the plan is to limit the time of each quick topic to about 5-7

I've only received two copies of draft presentations/slides:

	TLS Kerberos Presentation Slides/Ari Medvinsky and Matt Hur
	Compression Support in TLS/Bob Monsour & Mike Sabin

Win and I have had people suggest presentations on IPSEC Key Management,
Shared Keys, Attribute Certificates, SSL/FTP, and some other topics.
However, I really need to see the presentations in advance to make sure
that we can fit them into the tight schedule.

Please forward any draft presentations to Win Treese
<> and I <> ASAP if you want
to be scheduled in.

Excerpt the IETF Proceedings Guidelines:
>Slides can be submitted in PowerPoint (preferred), ASCII, PostScript, GIF
>or HTML.  If slides are in PostScript or GIF format, submit them in a
>MIME message or provide a FTP or a URL.  If your slides are in PostScript,
>two files are required:
>1.  one image per page (for electronic proceedings)
>2.  four to six per page (for hard copy proceedings; see guidelines)
>A hard copy version of each presentation is required for the hard copy
>version of the proceedings in the event that the on-line version is
>not printable.  The on-line version is, of course, required for the
>on-line version of the proceedings.

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