Re: change_cipher_spec [was: draft agenda]

Phil Karlton wrote:
> David Brownell - JavaSoft wrote:
> > A particular behaviour
> > is triggered when several conditions (knowable only to the
> > handshake layer, until it tells another layer) are satisfied,
> > and a particular meessage comes in.
> The point is to be able to have the condition be knowable outside the
> handshake layer.
> It is incumbent upon the handshake layer implementation to verify that
> the underlying engine went through the transition at the point that the
> handshake layer expected it to. That still does not make it a handshake
> layer condition.


  I assume from what you are saying than is that the verification is
a intragal part of the method of implementation corresponding to the
"Underlying engine" to provide the necessary transition at the proper
point?  Is that correct?  If so, than it would seem to me you are
right here, but I also think this could be made easier or, shall we 
say, more elegant if that could be done as part of the handshake
layer itself.  Don't you think?


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