Re: draft agenda for San Jose meeting

>I'm just looking for some clarification.
>- Is it the intention to move SSL 3.0 into TLS 1.0 "as is", with
>clarifications to the spec?

The intent is to consider some small changes to SSL 3.0 that
the working group believes will improve the TLS protocol.

>- Is the hour of presentation and discussion meant for clarifying the
>ambiguities in SSL 3.0 that Chris Allen mentioned in an earlier message,
>also, does this include discussion about splitting the SSL spec into
>separate specification documents?

The first hour is intended to cover the proposed clarifications and
the "small" changes.  My sense is that the first TLS spec would not
be separate documents, because disentangling things will take a fair
bit of time.

>- Does this mean that all decisions regarding draft proposals (Netscape's
>authority attributes, Microsoft's passphrase authentication, CyberSafe's
>Kerberos cipher suites, etc.) will be postponed until the next meeting of
>the IETF?

Based on the discussion so far, I think that the working group is far from
consensus on those changes, so I don't expect final decisions to be made
in San Jose. We can make decisions on the mailing list before the next
meeting, however, and I hope we can make some good progress between
the meetings.

	- Win Treese

Received on Tuesday, 3 December 1996 10:35:33 UTC