Re: draft agenda for San Jose meeting

After looking at the suggested changes, I'd categorize them as follows.

These entail changes to the protocol:

>         1. MAC algorithm
>         2. MAC contents
>         7. Additional alerts
>         9. Additional Record Protocol clients

These are just clarifications, or restructuring of the document:

>         3. Block padding
>         4. Message order standardization
>         5. Certificate chain contents
>         6. The no_certificate alert
>         8. Seperation of Record and Handshake layers

At this point, I'd be unhappy with any changes to the protocol, although
7 and 9 don't appear to be very damaging to existing implementations.
I think that any changes we make to the protocol must be looked at very

If we are actually going to consider protocol changes at this time, or
for the future, I'd also suggest a generalization of the block padding
format.  I'd specify that blocks be padded with random data, and that
that all blocks have (possibly zero-length) padding.  I'd also relax
restriction on maximum padding length.  This would make it harder to
perform a traffic analysis attack, but still allow implementations to
forgo the padding if so desired.

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