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  Read below your comments please.

At 01:27 AM 10/21/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Based on the discussion over the past few days, I see a
>couple of ways to make progress:
>1) Try to come to closure on an updated/fixed specification
>	of SSLv3.0 for the standards track, with no major
>	changes
>2) Split the document into the handshake and record layer
>	pieces, and add additional documents for issues
>	like shared-key authentication as needed
>3) Continue discussion on changes such as shared-key
>	authentication and attribute certificates until
>	we have something to move forward

  I have a problem with #2 suggestion here.  It could be done no doubt, but
it might lead to a confusion in the long term and also is a bit disjointed.

 #1 is ok, but major changes have been suggested.  is this wise and progressinve
enough?  I am not so sure.


>#1 can probably happen quickly, but may delay getting some
>of the other issues resolved.
>#2 might be possible, but runs the risk of wading into a morass of
>#3 is looking like we are unlikely to close for the December meeting.
>Some questions to consider as well:
>1. If we pursued option #1, and then never did anything else,
>would the WG have been successful?
>2. Can option #2 be reasonably executed in finite time, given
>the experiences in other working groups?
>3. Is it better now to advance the state of the art, given that we
>have some user requirements, or simply to codify the current use?
>Comments appreciated.
>	- Win Treese
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