Re: Closing on shared-key authentication

Barb Fox wrote:
> But Dan's comment about forward compatibilty in SSL has nothing to do
> with passwords per se.  Fact: there is no generic extensibility
> mechanism in SSL3 - and that's something we need to acknowledge and
> fix as soon as we can.  The goal of this working group, after all,
> should be to create an architecturally-sound, extensible standard.  I
> admit that this will cause us all some pain as we find ourselves
> having to change our fielded implementations to prepare for future
> advances in the protocol.  But if we bite the bullet and design the
> protocol correctly now, it shouldn't be such a big deal as we go
> incrementally forward.

The lack of a general extension mechanism in SSL v3 is a feature, not a
bug.  This is a security protocol, and so susceptibility to analysis is
a good thing.  Simplicity and rigidity are features here.  SSL does
provide for forwards compatibility by allowing version negotiation and
protection from version rollback attacks.

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