Re: Closing on shared-key authentication

Barb Fox wrote:
> Tom:
> I agree that this comes down to interpretation, but I did actually
> count before I sent that  mail.  On the FOR list, I also included D P
> Kemp, Phillip M. Hallam-Baker, Dave Wagner, Tom Stephens and Baber
> Amin.
> Whatever:  the idea is "rough" consensus. You don't think we have it
> and I do.  In any case, I like Taher's suggestion about modularizing
> the document, submitting RFC's and getting running code.  What we want
> is a standard that everybody wants to implement without lots of
> roll-your-own extensions.

Hmm, I'll grant you Tom Stephens, Phil Hallam-Baker and Baber Amin.  I
think David Kemp and Dave Wagner were on the fence more than they were
for either side.  I'd also add Paul Kocher and Peter Williams on the
against side.

In any case, when people are split approximately equally, I'd say that
doesn't constitute a rough consensus.

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