Re: Closing on shared-key authentication

Barb Fox wrote:
> Tom:
> Win is correct that the majority of people who posted on this topic
> were in favor.

I believe that this is not true.  In pursuit of proof, I went back
through all of the messages on this topic and classified the opinions
of all of the people who posted.  Here's the results:

  Dan Simon  <>
  Barbara Fox  <>
  Don Schmidt  <>
  Bennet Yee  <>
  John Macko  <>
  Marc VanHeyningen  <>
  Tim Dierks  <>
  Keith Ball  <>

  Tom Weinstein  <>
  Phil Karlton  <>
  Jeff Weinstein  <>
  Taher ElGamal  <>
  Steve Petri  <>
  Rohit Khare  <>
  Eric Murray  <>
  Christopher Allen  <>
  Peter Lipp  <>

Note that a few people were somewhat vague as to what they felt, and I
primarily classified them based on who they were arguing with.  These
results may have no relation to how people really feel about this
proposal, but I think it's at least slightly more valuable than pulling
results out of thin air.

In any case, I think it is very clear that there's not a clear consensus
on this issue.

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