Re: Non-W3C Member Organizations Trying to join W3C Digital Signature Initiative

At 1:09 PM -0700 9/15/96, Sally Khudairi wrote:
>To members of
>I have recently received numerous requests from non-W3C Member organizations
>to join the W3C Digital Signature Initiative.
>Please note the following:
>a.  DSIG is _not_ open; it is closed to W3C Member organizations ONLY
>b.  There is, indeed, a mailing list and proposal out for votes to W3C
>Members, closing on 15 September 1996.
>c.  For W3C Members [or if you've recently become a W3C Member], more
>information can be found at:
>	Proposal:
>	Voting Details -- accessible to W3C Members ONLY:
>If your organization is interested in becoming a Member of W3C, please review
>the information at
>If you need any additional information, feel free to contact me at

I think that this is rather ridiculous -- Consensus Development Corporation
is one of the most active companies in the web security and digital
signature field -- we wrote Sign-A-File for VeriSign, Inc., SSLRef 3.0 with
Netscape Communications Corp., and CD-ROM signing for Apple's Pippin
computer. We have the SSL Plus developer toolkit, write the SSL FAQ, and
have a forthcoming certificate toolkit.

Yet there is no way that we can justify $50K to join W3C! Even CI Labs (the
OpenDoc Alliance), the SPA, and other associations have room for small
companies like ours, and have often found companies like ours are the most
valued contributors, and thus have fees commiserate to our size.

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