call for papers: IEEE Network issue on network security

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                    IEEE NETWORK MAGAZINE
                       Call for Papers

                      Feature Issue on
               Network and Internet Security

The May 1997 issue of IEEE Network will feature the topic of
network and Internet security.  Private and public organizations
are increasingly dependent on distributed computer systems and
computer networks such as the global Internet.  However, the
commercialization and escalating popularity of the Internet have
been accompanied by a rising level of network-related security
attacks despite firewalls, encryption, anti-virus programs, and
other security measures.  Today, security attacks can originate from
a greater number of sources in more varied forms.  New networking
technologies (e.g., fiber optics, ATM) enable data to be moved at
rates of gigabits/s, where security breaches and data transmissions
can occur on timescales much faster than human intervention.
In addition, computer technology is being used for increasingly
sophisticated, automated tools that allow any non-expert to
perpetrate serious security attacks.  As the issue of security gains
prominent attention in scientific, political, and commercial arenas,
it poses a potential hindrance to the continued growth of the Internet
and other computer networks.

Contributions are invited to the feature issue of IEEE Network which
will represent the current state of the art covering all aspects of
network and internetwork security.  Topics may include, but are not
limited to:
     - cryptography and privacy;
     - viruses, worms, and intruding software;
     - Internet commerce;
     - firewalls and access control;
     - authentication and digital signatures;
     - key management and exchange;
     - certificates and certification authorities;
     - secure e-mail;
     - secure network management.

Contributions should be submitted by November 1, 1996 to the guest
     Thomas M. Chen
     GTE Laboratories, Inc.
     40 Sylvan Road
     Waltham, MA 02254
     tel: 617-466-2758
     fax: 617-890-9320

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