passphrases in TLS

Some of you have wondered what the process on resolving
the question of passphrases in TLS is going to be. That's a fair

Unfortunately, I was removed from the mailing list for a period
of time without my knowledge, so I missed much of the traffic,
and I'm trying to catch up on the arguments. I do appreciate the
vigor of the discussion!

From what I've seen in skimming the archives, I think that the
key arguments have been presented at least once on all sides.
Therefore, I propose that we proceed as follows:

1. By Monday, I will prepare a summary of my understanding
of the arguments for and against including passphrase authentication
in TLS.

2. At that time, I will propose a course of action for the working group.
If there is rough consensus on that proposal, we'll go forward. If not,
we'll see if we have some common ground to build on.

Thanks for your cooperation.

        - Win Treese

Received on Wednesday, 7 August 1996 17:02:25 UTC