DIMACS Workshop on Trust Management in Networks

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DIMACS Workshop on Trust Management in Networks

Dates: Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 1996

Location: CORE Bldg., Rutgers University Busch Campus, Piscataway NJ

Co-Chairs: Ernie Brickell, Bankers Trust, brickell@btec.com
           Joan Feigenbaum, AT&T Research, jf@research.att.com
           Dave Maher, AT&T Research, dpm@research.att.com

Theme: The use of public-key cryptography on a mass-market scale
requires sophisticated mechanisms for managing trust.  For example,
any application that receives a signed request for action is forced to
answer the central question ``Is the key used to sign this request
authorized to take this action?''  In certain applications, this
question reduces to ``Does this key belong to this person?'' In
others, the authorization question is considerably more complicated,
and resolving it requires techniques for formulating security policies
and security credentials, determining whether particular sets of
credentials satisfy the relevant policies, and deferring trust to
third parties.  This workshop covers all aspects of the trust
management problem.  Relevant topics include but are not limited to:

          General approaches to trust management
          Languages, systems, and tools
          Certificates and public-key infrastructure 
          Formal models and analysis
          Trust management in specific application domains,
                including but not limited to:
                Internet commerce
                Medical information systems
                Mobile programs and ``code signing''
                Revocation of cryptographic keys

Confirmed speakers include:

          Butler Lampson, Microsoft
          Matt Blaze, AT&T Research
          Steve Kent, BBN 
          Carl Ellison, Cybercash

Contributed talks:

If you would like to attend and give a talk, please email a one-page
abstract (NOT A FULL PAPER) in ascii format to Joan Feigenbaum at
jf@research.att.com by September 1, 1996.  The Trust Management
workshop will be informal, and there are currently no plans to publish

For more information: 

If you would like to attend but not give a talk, contact Joan
Feigenbaum at jf@research.att.com any time before the beginning of
the workshop.  There is a small amount of support available for
people who do not have other sources of travel funds. 

Information about local arrangements, travel, lodging and registration
can be found at http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/Workshops/Management.
Those without WWW access can contact Pat Pravato at 908-445-5929 or

This workshop is part of DIMACS Special Year on Networks.
Information about the Special Year on Networks can be
found at DIMACS WWW site: http://dimacs.rutgers.edu or by
contacting the center.

The Special Year program is made possible by long term funding from the 
National Science Foundation, the New Jersey Commission on Science and 
Technology and DIMACS university and industry partners.

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